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A wannabe writer discovers that he holds the power to rewrite the entirety of creation, existence, and the mythologies of gods, but before he can use his power to end human suffering, he must first stop the gods on Earth from destroying us all.

the story

The entirety of creation, its existence and reality, all hinge upon the written works of an unremarkable man.

After the mysterious death of his manically depressed client, psychologist and writer Loche Newirth devises a plan to catch the killer, but to pull it off he must himself succumb to madness.

Loche writes a fictional story and uses it to fool and capture a murderer. But something about his creative work is beyond this world. Loche is suddenly faced with the unfathomable: his story has become real, he’s changed history, his characters exist, and so does the threat of human extinction that he must now try to prevent.

Before he realizes what is happening, Loche is thrust into the middle of a war between immortals and intervening gods with a plot to cultivate immortality and restructure the Earth. Navigating this new existence, Loche must try to protect those he loves and save us all from the mythic doomsday his words have made.

NEWIRTH (New-Earth) is about a Painter and a Poet whose artistic creations are charged with supernatural elements made for a celestial audience of gods. The Painter’s works are windows through which gods observe and covet humanity without upsetting the delicate balance between Earth and the Afterlife. But for us, looking upon the Painter’s art, kills. The Poet has the power to rewrite the creation of existence itself. Our past, present, and future will shift and change at the tip of his pen. But the author has gone crazy.

Loche’s writing has created immortality. It has opened windows between here and the Hereafter. Who controls the characters in the diary of a madman?

This is a story about storytelling itself.

This is the Newirth Mythology.

“Well written.... nice addition to the thriller genre.”
Viggo Mortensen, Actor

Award Winning Author

Michael B. Koep

Michael graduated from Gonzaga university in Literature, has been a college educator for the University of Idaho, an international touring musician, and was once a dynamite waiter. He is a swordsman, an avid world traveler, a visual artist, and a professional rock drummer. He has climbed the pyramids of Giza, fenced an Italian master and has done battle with the infamous North Korean propaganda loudspeakers by aiming a massive PA across the DMZ and taking a drum solo. He lives in North Idaho with his family in a house filled with books, vinyl records, paint brushes, maps and musical instruments.

Michael is also a poet, lyricist and the award winning author of the Newirth Mythology Trilogy.

“The Newirth Mythology, Michael B. Koep’s trilogy of books: THE INVASION OF HEAVEN, LEAVES OF FIRE and THE SHAPE OF RAIN, is without a doubt the most original time and space-bending writing I’ve ever experienced. With multiple strong characters who share both human and divine attributes, who in many cases live across the centuries in varying personifications and manifestations, the story plays out on a truly cosmic scale.

And yet, in counterpoint to the scale of the story, the characters are brilliantly quirky and varied. None of them are caricatures, none are solely good or evil, and all are complete and fully complex in their motivations, relationships and attitudes.

An overarching dramatic structure, powerful people you can empathize with, a multitude of fun geographical and historical settings. This material is eminently suited to series development, creation, and ultimately, viewing.

As producer of the audiobook series, and co-narrator, I can only summarize that the material is addictive in the extreme.”

Stefan Rudnicki

“If The Stand and DaVinci Code had a baby. Smart and the language is beautiful. 12 out of 10 stars!”
NetGalley Reviews

The Market

Thriller Fantasy Supernatural

Magnetic characters and binge-worthy source material are drawing viewers into new worlds like never before.
Epic storytelling with a market base to support the evolution from book to screen is being devoured at record pace.

Reviewers Agree: a wholly original, imaginative, and remarkably inventive approach to the thriller genre. Intricately woven, this poetic page turner will leave you haunted and wowed. Destined to be a classic.

Publisher/Executive Producer

Andreas John

With over 25 years of experience working in the publishing industry Andreas has brought hundreds of magazines & books to market. Andreas started out as a marketing director in an advertising agency, then took the position as general manager of the CdA Magazine and the North Idaho Business Journal.  Today Andreas owns several regional magazines and is the publisher for Will Dreamly Arts a traditional publishing firm located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
Executive Producer

JD DeWitt

JD is co-founder of 5x5 Productions and has relationships that span from publishing houses, best-selling authors, screenwriters and studio executives - all of which have afforded her a long-term career in the entertainment industry. JD develops and packages material for film and television. Her current slate includes producing three films and a TV series.

Kristin Kilmer

Kristin has worn many hats in the entertainment industry from set PA to Production Manager, but alway has been a producer at heart.  Working for greats such as Lydia Woodward, Stephen King, and the Kopelsons just enhanced her producer knowledge.  Kristin keeps busy with the local arts community in her hometown, producing commercials/corporate videos and raising her teenage son.
Creator | Producer

Tom Taylor

Tom is the founder of Taylormadeaudio, providing sound services for the motion picture industry for over 25 years. Tom has created chart-topping content for music streaming and download platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. Tom is also a Certified Djembe Instructor with Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy, and its founder, Mamady Keïta, for whom Tom developed “djembeföla!” ~ an iOS app which has over 200,000 downloads worldwide.
"A must read for summer! It's part adventure, part fantasy, a bit of mystery, and all fun."
Times Weekly


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Kristin Kilmer | Producer
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